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Teachers’ Evaluation. Greece

The Odyssey revisited: Teaching European values in a divided continent”

Rosina Artuso-Saklanti, Gymnasium Skövde Västerhöjd

Name of the School/ Country respondents: 8 for the first part, 7 for part 2-3-4

IES Alpujarra – Órgiva (Granada) – Spain


Gymnasium Skövde Västerhöjd- Sweden

IMS ΙInstitute of Maths & Sciences -Private School Limited, Limassol – Cyprus

Satisfaction survey

We would like to ask you to be so kind and answer the following questions concerning the first short- term exchange of students– in Stefanovikeio/Volos, Greece April 2018

Part 1: Accommodation and food

Evaluate the following aspects of accommodation and food

Number one means excellent, number 5 means poor. Mark the selected field with an X sign.

excellent 1 satisfactory 2 average 3 disappointing 4 poor 5
First hotel in Volos – location 8

comfort 7 1

breakfast 7 1

reception and service 5 3

Second hotel in Volos- location 6 1

comfort 4 2
breakfast 3 1 1 1
reception and service 4 1 1 1
Hotel in Athens– location 2 4 2

comfort 3 3 2

breakfast 3 4 1

Reception and service 5 3

Comments: We can draw conclusions that we are in general quite pleased with the choice of the hotels (especially the first one in Volos). I apologize that I wrote Second hotel in Granada instead for Volos. I assume you could understand that it was just a lapsus. One person has not filled this part and it is why just seven persons answered.

Part 2: School activities

Evaluate the following aspects of the school activities

Number one means excellent, number 5 means not good. Mark the selected field with an X sign.

very interesting 1 quite interesting 2 so-so 3 quite boring 4 Very boring 5
School welcome and logo exhibition in the main hall 7

Presentation of educational systems/partner’s schools 5 2

Interactive quiz “Are you a true European?” 4 3

Music events/dances 7

Lecture about the Ecodevelopment Area Karla 5 2

Quiz based on the Odyssey 4 3

Geography videoquiz 4 3

Outdoor Geography and Citizenship game 3 3 1

Videoquiz “Understanding the refugee crisis” 7

Presentation of the first chapter of the comic (Cyprus) 6

Farewell party 7

Comments: the conclusions are that we loved the activities in Greece. One participant did not fill part 2, 3 and 4. Just seven persons filled these parts of the evaluation. Cyprus did not answer the question about the presentation of the first chapter of the comic because it was presented by Cyprus.

Part 3: Program/trips/other activities

Evaluate the following items of the mobility programme (tours, museums, etc)

Number 1 means very interesting, number 5 means very boring.Mark the selected field with an X sign.

very interesting 1 quite interesting 2 so-so 3 quite boring 4 very boring 5
Tour to Portaria (panoramic view of Volos) and to Makrinitsa village (the balcony of Mt. Pelion) 7

Athanasakio Archaelogical Museum of Volos 6 1

Museum of Volos City 3 3 1

Visit to the University of Thessaly (Lecture in Transcultural Education) 6

Trip to Milies in the Little Train of Pelion 6 1

Visit to the village square/Church of Taxiarches 7

Visit to Meteora with guided tour of a monastery and stop in Kalambaka at the foot of the Meteora rocks 4 3

Day cruise to Skiathos 7

Guided tour of the Acropolis Museum 7

Guided tour of the Acropolis 6 1

Comments: What a score! We just loved the programme. It was a pity that we couldn’t see more monasteries in the fantastic Meteora-area. Amazing hospitality and a very well-organized programme.

Part 4: Overall opinion

Read the following statements and say whether/ how much they are true for you.

Mark the selected field with an X sign.

Statement True I am not sure. False/Untrue
My students and I acquired new knowledge during the mobility. 7

I feel my students are more confident in using English after this experience 7
My students and I are able to describe 3 places in Greece that would be interesting as tourist attraction. 7

I found the mobility program exhausting. 2 3 2
I did not have enough free time. 1 3 3
I felt as a valuable member of my team. 7

I look forward to meeting the team again 7

I feel enriched by my attendance at the mobility. 7

Comments: it might have been fun with some more free time to enjoy our hotel in Volos, but it does not matter because we had a fantastic week with many interesting activities and trips.

Thank you for co-operation.

The information will be used to improve the mobilities in the future.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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