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Interactive Quiz “Are you a true European?

Students must be able to identify cultural landmarks, music, traditional dishes, typical faces, customs, gestures, artifacts, costumes, buildings and the language of each partner country.


Quiz based on the Odyssey: Ody in the role of a modern Odysseus

Students must be able to identify all characters appearing in Homer’s the Odyssey, discover the moral values which are still relevant in the modern world and how they could be of use to Ody in his own journey and finally be able to compare the characters and locations of the Odyssey to characters and locations in the modern world.


Videoquiz “ Understanding the refugee crisis”

Students will answer questions based on a video with embedded questions created by us on Educaplay. For example, what started the war in Syria, what it is like to be a refugee, what escape route refugees follow, life in refugee camps, what their reaction to the video is and what they think can be done to help the refugees arriving in their country.


Outdoor Geography and Citizenship game: help Ody find his way to Sweden

Students must be able to identify flags, landmarks, cities, seas, rivers, lakes, mountains, climate and human geography (the study of people and their communities and cultures) – citizenship issues related to refugees eg. Rights to work, asylum and logistics ( the three files contain the questions, the regulations and the key to the questions)

Travel destinations in partner countries trivia quiz



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